“Straw bale build in Romania” Workshop

Workshop 23th July – 12th August 2012

Our project

The Straw bale house is a social project in a village 100 km from Bucharest, a village where poverty is quite high.

Our objective is to build a home for a family that currently lives in a room of just 4 m². This first house will be an example of how the community can work together to build its own healthy, low-energy houses. In the longer term this project will continue to teach people principles of permaculture and sustainability.

Following an initial workshop with Tom Rijven, the house is now half-built. It must be completed by August, or the organization which donated the land will demolish the straw bale house and build a conventional home: concrete, cement, polystyrene etc.

We are looking for volunteers now to help finish the house: building the remaining straw bale walls, fitting windows and doors, clay-plastering, roofing, plumbing and electrics.

Two ways to help!

– If you would like to come and work with us as a volunteer, please fill out this form http://goo.gl/C9Xzx or contact us via email at office@eco-habitat.ro for further details. The workshop is free of charge and you may stay as many weeks as you want.

– We are relying on donations to finance this build. If you would like to support the project with a donation to our Association, here are our bank details:

Name: Asociația Eco habitat
C.I.F.: 28406603
Bank: Banca Transilvania
Account: RO35BTRL04701205W29594XX (RON)
Account: RO10BTRL04704205W29594XX (EUR)

There is a possibility to donate online with PayPal by accesing this link or with your credit/debit card by accessing this link http://mpy.ro/fd3wbt.

Project description:

When: from 23 July to 12 August 2012

Where: in the Cârligu Mare Village, Glodeanu Siliştea Commune, Buzău County, Romania

What: Building one of the first homes for the local community of disadvantaged families. The
house will be built from traditional materials such as straw bales and earth, together with other
new materials. The house will be the first of its kind in Romania.

Who: Volunteers
“The Straw bale house” is a workshop for anyone wanting to learn to build and use sustainable
materials. The house is half-built using Tom Rijven’s technique. We will continue with the same
technique for the rest of the walls. We will also instal electrics and plumbing, windows and doors,
clay plastering (base and finishing layers) and the roof.
Please check our photos on http://mystraw-balehome.blogspot.com/

Information about venue and accommodation

Travel (we will send more details when you book your place):

  • by bus from Bucharest to Glodeanu Siliștea. We will pick you up from there;
  • by train from Bucharest to Buzău. We will pick you up from there.


  • for free – in tents near the building site;
  • for free – in shared rooms at some of the families in the village;
  • for 5-10euro/night in one of the nearby pensions (20-40 km away). We will try to negotiate for you the best price.


  • we provide food and we will have a cook just for us (traditional Romanian food);
  • if there are certain things you need, we can get them for you from the Buzău City. There are also shops in the village plus the possibility of buying local products.

Thank you!

4 Responses to “Straw bale build in Romania” Workshop

  1. FINCA MARIA says:

    construiti case din baloti si pentru persoane fizice ,eu cu prietena mea dorim 2 case ,sau un duplex de 60mp fiecare.Ne intereseaza nr telefon meseriasi daca se poate Va multumesc !

  2. Mariya Soshinskaya says:


    I am a Masters student of Sustainable Development in the Netherlands doing a project on building an eco-hostel out of natural materials on lake Colibita in Romania. I was wondering where you got the materials from the straw-bale and clay? And why did you choose straw-bale over cob or hempcrete materials? I am still learning about this process so any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you and I hope you were able to finish the house!

  3. Dear all,

    hope you make it! Cross my fingers for nice weather, lots of energy and support and of course fun.

    Katalina, speak to you soon after these weeks to visit you for the next big step.

    Kind regards,


  4. Kandi Wood says:

    I have posted your blog on my blog – hopefully you can get some volunteers for your project. It would be tragic for this house to be demolished because you couldn’t finish on time. It is too bad the organization that donated the land is putting this ‘caviat’ on the project. Lets think positive tho and ‘will’ the help to come…. I trust that it will! Keep me updated on your project please!
    Kandi Wood
    Eco Straw House.com

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